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"There, a God, His name is Truth, He is the Creator,He is Lovable and kind, He fears none, He is without hate, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of births and death, He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the true Guru. He was True in the beginning, He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True, He is also True now."

Yogeshwar Prabhu Shri Ram Lal Ji Maharaj


Yogeshwar Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Ji Maharaj

The Lord Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee, the founder of Yog Sadhan Ashram was born in Amritsar, a city in Punjab, on Chetra Shukla Navmi at 4:00 am (6 Ghadi 56 Pal) Thursday, in the year 1888 i.e. 21st March, 1888
He was born in a Brahmin Community. The lord's father name was Sh. Ganda Ram and his Mata was Smt Bhagwanti. Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee, from his early age, was rational in his thinking and a great devotee of god. He was also very fond of learning. He was endowed with extra-ordinary spiritual powers from a very young age. At the very beginning he used to learn astrology from his father and was sent to a Pathshala (school) in Amritsar for learning Sanskrit, Hindi, & Urdu. In his school days he was an unusually gifted child who often learned quickly with less efforts. The teachers went over to his father and told him that instead of teaching Ram Lal, they had gained through his noble young son. This was remarkable indeed. After that the lord also did deep study of Vedas, Shastras and ayurveda from the famous teachers and yogis of Kurukshetra, Kankhala, (Haridwar) and Kashi. (Famous pilgrimage places of India).
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 3)


The biographies of Prabhu Shree Ram Lal's life are replete with strange episodes of miraculous occurrences. A miraculous incident of his childhood is worth mentioning here. The Lord Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee had all the divine powers since the time of his birth that appeared from time to time.
This incident took place when the lord was only a three years old child. An old woman of the neighborhood fell ill. She was near her deathbed. The relatives of that old woman laid her on the ground as they thought that she was about to die. At that time the dying women felt the presence of the Lord, Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee. She immediately told her relatives to bring the child Ram Lal before her. Looking at the last desire of the dying old woman, her relatives went to Sh. Ganda Ram's Home and told him about the same. The father agreed and he immediately went there with the little Lord in his lap. The old lady humbly looked at the lord's resplendent little face and she saw the divine lights in the lord's eyes. She kept looking at the lord's face. She was very pleased. At the same time she felt healthy as if she had no pain. The people were very much impressed on seeing the whole incident.
(for details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no : 6 )


There are lot of other divine incidents in between the Lord's Childhood and marriage. The same are mentioned in detail in "The Yog Mahadivya Ramayana" written by sadgurudev 1008 shree Chaman lal kapur jee Maharaj.
It has allready been mentioned that Prabhu Ji was very fond of learning. To gain knowledge he had to go to " Kurukshetra" " Kashi " "Kankhal" and many other places, but even after getting much spiritual knowledge he was not satisfied. He was in search for an experienced YOGI SADGURU. The Lord would spend many hours engrossed in meditation and in religious discussions with the other saints, pious. His Parents worried and they thought if bound in marriage, Ram Lal (the Lord) might start taking interest in household affairs. A suitable match was found for him. At the age of 15, He was married to Baal Kaur. Baal Kaur was her parental name. Her in-laws changed it to Subhadra. The marriage could not interrupt the aim of Prabhu Jee's life, even after marriage he continued the path of searching His Yogi Sadguru.
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 42)


When Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee was only twenty years old his father expired. At that time the asceticism had grown up more and he left the home without informing his wife "Subhadra" as well as other brothers and sisters. The love of the mother, wife, and brothers could not keep him in the home. Prabhu Sh.Ram lal jee faced so many hurdles & sufferings in search of His Guru. First of all he went to Haridwara, Rishikesh, Brahmapuri, Vashisht's cave (the famous pilgrimage places of India). He also went to northern Kashi's forests. The lord met so many saints, ascetics, and also delivered lectures on spiritualism & Hatha Yoga, but even then he was unsatisfied because he still could not find the Real Sadguru.
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 63)


The Lord Shree Prabhu Ram Lal Jee met a spiritual saint towards the northern Kashi. At that time a man named Ganga Ram resident of Lahore was also with the Lord. That saint had some spiritual powers with him. He gave an earthen pot (Lotta) to Prabhu jee and further he said, "What so ever you need from this, the pitcher will meet your demand". After saying this, the saint went to his cave. Ganga Ram was stunned on seeing the spiritual powers of that saint and he stopped there. The Lord Shri Ram Lal Jee was in search of the preceptor of the universe (Jagat - Guru), these false processes could not impress him and he again went towards his way (in search of a true Guru).
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 70)


After returning from northern Kashi, Lord Shree Prabhu Ram Lal Jee went to Muradabad, Mathura and many other places in search of a true preceptor (Satguru), but still he did not achieve his aim. He went towards the south and he began his journey towards the river Narmada along with other disciples. Amongst all other disciples the name of Sh.HariRam (later he was known as Hariharanand) is worth mentioning here.
On the bank of the river Narmada there was a beautiful temple that was haunted by evil spirits and was situated on the top of a mountain. One day the Lord Prabhu jee was sitting there along with his disciples when he saw a strange incident in the nearby village. A lady was lying on the ground and a young man was standing next to her. Besides this, there were some other men who were attacking that young man with wooden bamboo but all returned without success. After watching this scene Prabhu Shree Ram Lal jee asked the people, "What is the reason for the quarrel, why so many people are attacking this young man and who is that lady lying on the ground, if this young man captivated the lady then surely he must be evil spirited ". After listening such kind of speech from the lord the people respectfully said," This young man is not evil spirited but he is a very noble boy, the zimindara (land lord) of this village is a cruel and cunning person, he tortures poor people, molests their girls and threatens everybody. The lady lying on the floor was his wife. This boy, Hari Ram, belongs to another village. This is his maternal village. He came here, listened to peoples' grievances, and requested the Zamindar (Gobind sahai) to mend his ways. Gobind sahai threatened the boy. He asked his men to teach a lesson to Hari Ram. Then, this morning, Hari Ram entered his house and asked his wife to come out. She came out and you have noticed what happened after that. This was, we think, a lesson to Govind sahai (zamindar) that he should not molest other people. The people with which Hari Ram was fighting were the people who were sent by the zamindar who were trying to seize the woman." When the people of the village were talking to the lord, at the same time people of that zamindara were badly beaten up by the young man and after that he respectfully sent the lady back to her home. The lord was very much pleased to see the enthusiasm and bravery of that man. The Lord told the people of the village to bring that man before him. In the meanwhile the young man happened to come there and people brought him before the Lord. The young man told his name as "Hariram" and then bowed his head in the feet of the Lord, Prabhu Jee. Shree Prabhu Jee then asked him about his community. Hariram answered that he belongs to Brahmin Community. The Lord Prabhu Shree Ram Lal jee was pleased and said," There are only two specialties in Brahmin Community, one is Bravery and the second is Generosity, Do you Posses both these things?" Before the young man answered, he lifted a camel (passing on the way) with one hand and he further said," Maharaj, with your grace the god has given me so much strength." Prabhu jee said, "well done, but how could we know about your generosity?" Listening to this the young man said," Maharaj there is no other precious thing then my head." He placed his head on Shri Prabhu Ji's feet and remarked, "Guruji, I can give my head to you". Prabhu jee said, "all right, we accept it." The Young man requested, "Guru ji, please permit me to go home today. Tomorrow, I will present my self before you after completing some routine jobs at my home." Shri Prabhuji smiled and said, "permitted."
Hari ram went home. He donated all that he possessed to the Brahmins, and next morning came to Shri Prabhu ji with a sword in his hand. He unsheathed the sword, put his head and sword at the feet of Shri Prabhuji and said, "Guruji, take it."
Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Ji lifted his head, took the sword and said, "This is not a suitable place, let us go to the river side." After reaching the bank of the Narmada river Prabhu Jee laid down him in the water, in such a way that his body was inside the water and his head was out side it, so that the head may be separated from the body and the body may be flown in the river. The lord then picked up the sword to cut the head of that young man in that lonely place. Nobody was there to witness. What a horrible scene it was! Prabhu jee then swirled the sword in the air with big force. There was a commotion in the air. Hari Ram's eyes were shut waiting for the last moment. Shree Prabhu ji picked up Hariharanand in his arms and embraced him. Hariharanand immediately reached the state of Samadhi (the final stage of Meditation) by the grace of the Lord Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee. Prabhu jee then lifted up the body of Hariharanand on his shoulder and went towards the temple on the top of the mountain. With the grace of the lord Hariharanand remained in the state of Samadhi for many days and achieved many spiritual powers. Hariharanand always accompanied the lord and served him as a faithful disciple, till the day Shri Prabhu ji left him in the Himalayas.
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 134)


During the Narmada Journey the Lord Prabhu Shree Ram Lal Jee served many people. But during this he could not obtain the blessings of the Sadguru. He returned from south and went towards the east. After a long walk he reached at the border of Bang - Bihar. He was on the bank of the holy river Ganga. The Lord was busy in meditation when two persons reached there (father and son). Both of them were thinking to end their life by jumping into river Ganga. The lord was watching the whole scene. He immediately called them and asked them about their problem. The father said, "My daughter named Ramrati has outturned into a bad society and she is spoiling the image of the family. We are so much disturbed by her bad deeds that we want to commit suicide. Prabhu Jee stopped them from committing suicide and said," Bring your daughter to me." By chance Ramrati was passing from there and her father pointed her out. He told Prabhu Jee," She is my daughter." Prabhu jee called Ramrati and asked her, " How do you pass your life?" Ramrati replied in clear words that she lives with her friends and takes drinks to enjoy her life. The Lord was very happy to listen the unhesitant reply of Ramrati. Prabhu jee told her," If you want to enjoy your life it is good, but drinking wine is not the only way for enjoyment. We can tell you hundreds of other ways for enjoyment without drinking wine. Will you accept them? Ramrati hesitantly replied, "all right". Then the lord showered his grace on Ramrati and Ramrati immediately went in the state of Samadhi. She remained in that condition for many years and due to her devotion in the Samadhi stage the people of that village began to worship Ramrati as a "Devi" (goddess) and many people fulfilled their desires by mere "Darshna" of Ramrati. (For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 199)


Shree Prabhu Jee, along with his disciples entered Bang-Bihar. One day while walking in the sun they were tired. There was a temple in the way. All of them took rest under some trees near that temple. As they were tired they slept immediately. In the meanwhile a judge named Ashutosh Mukharjee, along with his wife Rama happened to pass through that area. On seeing the saints lying on the ground, they felt respecting the saints. Rama opened her umbrella upon Shree Prabhu Jee and she herself stood in the sunlight. Similarly, her husband also opened his umbrella upon Hariharananda. After some time Shree Prabhu Jee awoke. He was pleased to see the humble service of the couple and he asked them to sit down. The couple prayed and humbly invited Prabhu Jee to visit their place. Earlier, Prabhu Jee hesitated to accept their invitation but after seeing Hariharanand's acceptance he agreed on the condition that the arrangement for their stay should be outside the town. The couple then got constructed a small hut for Prabhu Jee and they requested Prabhu jee to stay their along with other followers. Prabhu jee agreed. The couple then served Shree Prabhu Jee whole-heartedly. Seeing the devotion & service of Rama and her family, The lord Prabhu jee gifted them with his rare divine appearance.
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 208)


While Prabhu Jee was in Guwahati a man told him," Beyond the Brahamaputra river (The famous & holy river of Assam, India), Which is three miles away from here, there lives a Brahmin (The master in the studies of religion, Vedas and Mantras) whose name is Ganak. Please meet him." Prabhu jee accepted the proposal and went towards Brahamaputra with one of his disciples while the others stayed in Guwahati. Prabhu jee met with Ganak and stayed at his place for eight days. Prabhu Jee noticed that Ganak only knew some Mantras and Yantras and some bookish knowledge. Prabhu jee asked Ganak, "Do you know any true yogi, the true preceptor who lives in this world?" Ganak then replied," 100 miles away from here there lives a saint, but you cannot go there because that jungle journey is a very unsafe as in that jungle there are many wild animals. They kill men and also, that jungle is known for the wild and dangerous elephants. Evil spirits haunt the jungle. Many small rivers flow there. Who so ever has dared to go there, has not returned alive, so you should also not go that way." Prabhu jee replied," we are not afraid of such evils and dangers, you please tell us the full address of that place." Ganak said, "While passing through the various villages there was a village named "Mainya". Raja Ran Singh is the king of that place. That saint, who is a complete Yogi, lives in his state. If you want to sacrifice your life for him then you may go there. Prabhu jee was ready to sacrifice his life and he made up his mind to go there with his two disciples i.e. Sukharam & Krishnanand and proceeded towards "Mainya" village. (For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 252)


In the morning, when Prabhu Jee started his journey, His disciples asked him," How far is the next village." Prabhu jee replied," It is only three miles away from here". They continuously walked that whole day but that three-mile journey never came to an end. When only one hour was left before the sunset, Prabhu Jee told both of his disciples to make arrangements for the rest at that very place. Then they spread the bedding on the ground and collected some wooden sticks to burn the fire. They slept by the side of the fire. At midnight some elephants came roaring and when Prabhu ji woke up He saw an elephant was showering water from his trunk and was trying to extinguish the fire. Shri Prabhu Jee thought that the elephant would not spare their lives so He lighted all the wooden sticks. As soon as the fire burnt all the elephants ran away. The next morning Prabhu Jee along with his disciples proceeded further. After covering some distance they were caught in the marsh (the mud water) and after making lot of physical labour they came out from the marsh.
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 267)


One day some Naga People (primitive men found in forest who dwell naked) kidnapped Prabhu Jee and his two disciples. They took them near a temple where the other Naga men & women were gathered. After getting those three to sit aside, Nagas started dancing before their god to please Him. They started to make preparations for the immolation of the three. All the Nagas were very glad as they thought that their God would be very much pleased by the sacrifice of these three people. The meat of the human bodies will be distributed amongst the Nagas. On seeing this ugly planning, the disciples of Shree Prabhu Jee got afraid. How this nastiness could be possible to The Lord Shree Prabhu Ram Lal Jee Maharaj? While they were in their thoughts, a sudden a very high cry of an old Naga woman was heard. She was crying with pain because her breast had swelled up. Her pain was intolerable. All the people gathered around her helplessly but nobody could do any thing. Prabhu jee's heart melted on seeing that old woman in pain. He then collected some medicinal plants from the jungle. He squeezed those shrubs and put the juice of the shrubs on the breast of that old woman. The woman felt relieved and her breast came to normal state. All the Nagas were very surprised. Then the old Naga woman told the other Nagas "This man is the real image of God, do not sacrifice his life". Some Nagas accepted the proposal of that old woman but the others did not and were determined about there decision. So the Nagas were divided into two groups one was against the sacrifice and the other was in its favour. They began to fight with each other. They fought with sharp weapons like sword etc. Prabhu Jee put medicine on the injuries of the people who were favouring Shree Prabhu Jee so that they could continue in the fight. The battle ended in Shree Prabhu Jee's Favour. After that the old Naga woman along with her people Thanked Shree Prabhu Jee and they accompanied them to their way from where they had come.
(For details see Yog Mahadivya Ramayana "first part" page no: 257)


Prabhu Jee passed through the wild forest facing wild animals, violent Naga people and also bearing hunger, thirst, pain, rain, heat and cold of the season. At last Prabhu Jee reached " MAINYA" village. Raja Ran Singh (the king of that village) paid much regards to Prabhu jee. All the members of his family followed the teachings of Shree Prabhu Jee and also accepted Shree Prabhu Jee as their Guru. Shree Prabhu Jee stayed there for a week and then proceeded to meet the Yogi. Raja Ran Singh put Shree Prabhu Jee in a small cradle and took him to that yogiraj (the master of yoga) who lived in a dangerous wild forest. As soon as that yogiraj saw Shree Prabhu Jee coming towards him he respectfully went to receive the lord. He bowed his head in respect of Shree Prabhu Jee and gave a warm welcome by saying "Yogiraj, due to our virtue and good fortune you have obliged us by your Darshna (holy appearance). I am very much thankful to you from the core of my heart." Shree Prabhu Jee humbly replied, "Why do you call me Yogiraj, I have come here to get myself introduced with the great saints and yogis like you. The saint replied, "Please do not say such things. I have only studied some chapters of Yoga, but you are going to become a supreme in Ashtanga Yoga (the eight principal of Yoga, see the page "what is yoga"). Shree Prabhu Jee replied," Maharaj, how I will be an Ashtanga Yogi because still I have not been able to get my Guru. I am still in search of him." Mahatma told him," Your Sadguru (a true preceptor) lives in Nepal (a country in Himalayas near India), the father of all yogis and the creator of yoga, the first yogi of the universe, Mahayogi Shiv Swaroop, He will make you an expert in yoga. Within one and a half year you will be a complete Ashtanga Yogi". Shree Prabhu jee asked, " How can I meet him?" The Mahatma answered, "One day He will himself come and wake you up. Then, He will lift you with him." After that Shree Prabhu Jee spent the whole night with that Mahatma.

To be continued.........




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